Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where my Fathers at....

This is how it all began today. A BIG and delicious cinnamon roll.
Um Ummmm...good!

We love our daddy! So glad there is a special holiday to prove just that.

Today after church, the kids gathered all the things they wanted to present to Dave. Macie drew 100 pictures and gave him A cinnamon bear that she got from a parade. They are his favorite and she can easily part ways with that particular candy.

Dalan filled his bag with a robot toy and 93 matchbox cars.
He ate the candy for dad.

*** WE LOVE YOU! ***

Dad & Macie, 5 1/2

Dad & Dalan, almost 4

Dad & Khloe, 9 1/2 months

Meet Dave's dad Jay. He is so fantastic! I really respect this man. He helped in making my husband the man he is today. Jay is one hard worker. He is tender hearted. He is so sweet to Mama Kay. He washes dishes. All of them. He works hard manual labor 12 hours a day 6 days a week. He is such a great grandpa and my kids love him dearly.

We don't get to see grandpa often, and this is what happens when he leaves...

*** A shout out this Fathers Day that needs to be mentioned to my own father who passed away 5 1/2 years ago, when Macie was just 12 days old. How I miss him sooooo so so much. I think of him often. I miss him every second. He was a great man. Life can sometimes be cruel. He for sure would appreciate the dinner I made tonight. I have SO come a long ways from when I first married Dave. I truly had no business being in the kitchen over a hot stove. My dad loved cooking. My dad was amazing. He was smart. Kind. Honest. Loving. Caring. Giving. Funny. Oh the jokes he would tell. Everything was humorous to him and I loved him for it. It is painful to think of him sometimes. He should still be here to see me be a mom and to watch my beautful kids grow up. I miss you dad. More than you will ever know. ***

Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The kids earned it.
Their prize.
Donuts duh!
(This really was one reason why we moved to Boise afterall!)

Macie earned a Krispy Kreme ball of grease by doing her chores when asked all week, making her bed, and getting dressed. (Really, a reward!!??)

Dalan had a dry pull up, which is the real reason we came!

The kiddos were so rowdy after eating their donuts. All that sugar kicked them into high gear super quick...

Mom & the kids

Ashlee and her kiddos

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hannah Camp

This cute girl with Macie & Dalan started "Hannah Camp!" this summer. She has the kids come to HER house. She feeds them snacks (VERY important for the Grantham kids) and lunch, they watched a movie with popcorn, they played water games (slip n' slide and water balloons) and they played freeze tag. It was 4 hours and the kids had such a great time! Thanks miss Hannah. We think you are pretty fantastic:) Can't wait for the next session.

*** Khloe and I did a little shop shopping. She truly is the best little thing. She was happy as can be just hangin' out with mom! I love that little babe! Bought me some new shoes to gear me up for some running. I am out of breath just thinking about it!! ***

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muddy Summer Days

My kids came home today and they were all wet and muddy. I couldn't figure out where they had been....until they said, "Mom, come see the puddle!" This is what the puddle was all about and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures and letting the kids get dirty and wet!!

The best part was Dalan wanted to wear his Spiderman SNOW boots, which by the way happen to light up. I know. I purchased them and it was the best $18 ever spent!

Macie getting ready for a big twirl!

I love this picture because it is one of those "in the moment" pictures. Dalan just kept riding his scooter through the puddle trying to make a big splash with his snow boots...and Macie was pretending to be a ballerina dancer striking all kinds of poses!

*** I love Summer days. I love no schedule. I love being able to let the kids play and just be kids. It is hard work. There are no breaks. BUT, the sun is shining. Kids are playing. Life is great! ***

Monday, June 14, 2010

1st day of swim lessons

Khloe just hangin' out in the sunshine!

Macie doing her kicks with a grin on her face!

Dalan is one crazy fish in the water. He grins from ear to ear the entire time!

Sucker time!

Great job you two!! This is going to be one great summer, now that it is finally heating up around here:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thumb-Sucker no more!

I have been waiting 1949 days.
That is 5 years, 4 months & 3 days

•168,393,600 seconds
•2,806,560 minutes
•46,776 hours
•278 weeks

to make this announcement.

In the beginning, it never really bothered me that miss Macie sucked her thumb. I sucked mine as a child. If anything, I was grateful because it was a good sign that she was either hungry, or tired. Then, she grew to love her pink blankie, which later turned brown...from taking it everywhere and washing it so much. When she was 3, I thought it was time to get rid of the embarassing once upon a time pink blanket, so I hid it. She never did find it, but instead, found a purple one as its replacement. CRAP!

So, then we just let her do her thing for 2 more years....

Just the other day a friend of mine came over. Brittany and Jared told her that her nose was getting "crooked" from sucking her thumb and so were her teeth and smile. Eeekkk...this scared her! I ran with it. I proceeded to show her a picture of their niece, who was a thumb sucker, and had a real jaggety smile. I also introduced her to: MR YUK STUFF! I knew she was really ready when she gave Khloe her purple blanket and said, "I don't need this anymore!"

Then, I told her that if she sucked her thumb it would make her so so so sick and it would make her throw up and her nose would continue to get more crooked. I also followed it with the fact that if she still sucked, we would have to take her to the dr and he would put a pokey thing in her mouth and anytime she tried to suck her thumb, it would poke her and make her bleed. I am so mean. I painted a real ugly scary story. BUT, it worked and she is no longer a thumb sucker!

I have always told her she couldn't go to the big school to be in kindergarten if she sucked her thumb. I didn't want her to get teased. However, how could I follow through on that one!!!! NOW, I don't have to make threats because she is cured!!!

Thats right, a thumb sucker - no more!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who wore it best??

Macie sweetie, you look like a hippy chicky!

Dalan is in for it with 2 sisters...this is just the beginning I am afraid. He doesn't even seem phased by the fact he has a PINK FLOWER on his head. Should I be concerned??

Khloe darling, you NEED these right now to wear on your head so STOP pulling them off!!

This is a close one...they can ALL sport the flower power so well!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

My cute friend and neighbor hosted a "School's Out for Summer" party on the last day of school. We all headed over for some water fun. She had a slip n' slide, water sprinkler, water balloons, watermelon, and popsicles...The kids were in water heaven, and it was a beautiful day. What a fun tradition for the kids in the neighborhood. Thanks Krista for hosting :)

What do you get when you mix water and sand??????



Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Beautiful day.
Kids at play, outside.
Picnic in the front yard.
No mess or crumbs in my kitchen.
Great day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Allow miss Khloe who gives Kisses and Loves to introduce....

Macie the Missy who is sassy but oh so sweet Grantham

Dalan the Dare Devil with no fear in him Grantham!

The day had arrived. Both kids were ready to say good-bye to their training wheels forever!

Macie: age 5 & 4 months

Dalan: age 3 & 10 months

*** Macie was a little timid at first. However, she watched her THREE year old little brother complete the task with confidence and a smile on his face. She was determined. She just kept trying. She had a hard time getting the balance thing just right and thought Dave was trying to tip her over. She finally realized she needed to pedal faster, and off she went. Way to go girl! ***

*** Dalan needed no teaching. Dave started holding onto him, but Dalan pedaled like his life depended on it so Dave let go and he started riding his bike. He was a little wobbly the first couple of times, but he just kept moving his feet. CRASH, once or twice, but the boy just got right back on and kept going. This kid is one of a kind. He truly has no fear in him anywhere. Hmmm....sure made us proud! ***

And there you have it...

Mission Complete.