Monday, June 29, 2009

Sun Valley

What a great weekend we just had! Our friends and neighbors, the Johnson's, who just moved here a couple of months ago from St George (total coincidence!) invited us to join their family for a weekend getaway in Sun Valley, Idaho. This is a small resort town a couple hours away that is absolutely gorgeous!! Here is a preview of our trip!

The kids on the drive there needed to go to the bathroom. I told them to "sqeeze your cheeks" and this is what they did...

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A view of Sun Valley

Dalan and his daddy!

Dave with the children....

Macie posing!

Macie LOVES these flowers and Dalan LOVES the dirt that these flowers live in!

We rented bicycles and a trailer to tug the kids around in. We rode around town and ventured up to sight see! The uphill climb was a little rough being 7 months prego, but atleast I didn't have any guilt of not pulling the trailer with the kids in it!

PUMP it up! The kids at the bike shop and Dalan with his new favorite toy!

Take your pick! We chose 2 cruisers...

Our family and our rental bikes. We want to get bikes so bad now!!!

The 4 kids: Dalan, Caleb, Aubrie, and Macie!

Feeding the horses grass, which they weren't really loving!

The Mr. and Mrs.

We had so much fun on this trip! It felt good to get away and thank you so much to the Johnson's for having us come with your family!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Meet my friend Christina, who has a garden, and grew zucchini and it just happened to be shaped like a "C"!

We have been friends for a super long time and I love this girl!

We might be "grown-up's!" now and call ourselves mom's...BUT we still know how to laugh and be crazy and have a good time! the graffiti alley, downtown Boise! (Take that St George!)

Christina and her baby Cohlee, who is a dream child!

This has been 3 years in the making to get my friend Christina to come out here to Idaho for a visit. This is the girl I talk to 14 times a day and we have been friends since we were bratty little teenagers, back in 6th grade! I LOVE this girl and everything about her!

She was supposed to be in Cabo San Lucas for the week, but her babysitting fell through the night before they were supposed to leave. She still needed a vacation and had airfare credit so she came to Idaho with her baby Cohlee. She was so sweet to spend time with my kids and spoiled them rotten, even though she was referred to as "Hey, Hey Tina!" by Dalan. Dave was so great to take the kids when he got home from work and we got a babysitter one day and had some fun girl time.

After a couple days of fun in Idaho, we loaded up the car and hit the road on our journey back to St George.

Christina is the one I turn to when I need to vent or am having a long day. She is also the one I call when I am super excited about something lame and to tell about one of my latest obsessions. She is full of ideas, advice, opinions, and is a friend that I know I can turn to any time of day. While we were in SG, Dalan had an accident in his car seat because he fell asleep...what does she do? Takes the beast apart (you know, the toddler car seats are a nightmare to wash!) She had it all taken apart, cleaned, and ready for me to go the next morning! She totally made a fat pregnant girl feel ammmmazing! First of all, she hooked me up with some cute jeans and new maternity tops! She also gave me some clothes from her baby Cohlee to my baby Khloe, her bouncer, her boppy, her breast pump, and she bought me a diaper bag and some super cute burp cloths that are too cute for baby spit up!

This is the girl who when her washing machine wasn't spinning correctly, she whips it around, takes off the back panel and proceeds to look through the owners manual to try and figure out why it isn't spinning correctly. She is seriously amazing! She is the mother to 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, and I wish SO BADLY that we lived closer so our kids could play more!

Who is Christina??? The best girlfriend EVAH!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The adventures of Dalan!

Where do I even begin with this little guy! My grandma informed me that I so deserve a medal for parenting this boy! He is just a go'er and a do'er and the wheels are always turning in his head. He has a wild and crazy personality BUT there is NEVER a dull moment when he is around. He is not the best listener and isn't my super obedient child, but he keeps us laughing and entertained 24/7.

His latest adventure, always peeing outside. He got busted when my friend Christina looked out the window and saw his squirt bottle filled with "yellow water!"

This little boy is always RUNNING and doesn't slow down for anything!!

My dad used to always say, "eat it, or wear it!" This morning, Dalan decided to WEAR his yogurt. I said, he isn't the best listener so the sign "Do not stand" says it all!

As much craziness that this kid brings, he is always smiling and having a good time!

Cheer Clinic!

Macie participated in the cheer clinic for our local high school! I remember doing this when I was in middle school so I couldn't wait to put Macie in! She did it with 2 of her friends in the neighborhood, Aubrey and Scarlett! It was a 3 day clinic with a performance at the end for friends and family and she had a lot of fun! I am not sure how much the girls learned because every time they would go to practice, the 3 of them would just sit in a circle and do their own thing!

Dancing Queen!

Macie recently had a dance recital for her combo tap/ballet class that she takes. It was a bit of a commitment to take her each week (and deal with Dalan for an hour!) because it is a little drive to the studio, BUT seeing her on stage and watching her perform for the 30 seconds made it all worth it! She had so much fun and is our little "Rock a hula baby!"

I'm BACK!!!

Where do you start when you have been missing for so long from the blogging world?? The real reason is a lame internet connection to go along with a 6 year old computer that was recently replaced! NOW I think I just might be back...but don't want the pressure of having to blog the details of the Grantham existance because truthfully, my kids keep me running and I am a little slow at these updates so be patient and I will do my best!!