Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Time!!


This was the 5th annual Easter egg hunt hosted by our family - and once again it was a success! The kids had a blast, and there were a lot of them this year. The adults have fun eating yummy food and chatting while the kids run around and play OUTSIDE!! This is the crew gearing up to get their hunt on while the eggs were being hidden.

Twinner sisters who are dressed the same - but truly look nothing alike!


Easter is one of my very favorite holidays! I love the hunt. I love the bright spring colors. I love watching my kids get excited. I love chocolate and candy. I love the idea that we get to color eggs. Most importantly, I love that it is also a special way to reflect on the Resurrection of the Savior. It is a great teaching moment for the kids. It is just FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Macie and Dalan - good morning!

Khloe wasn't quite ready to wake up...

Here is all their basket finds!!

Khloe got a baby doll - but she was most excited about all the SUGAR in her basket!

Macie has been asking for Squinkies - she was a happy girl!

First sign of Spring, bubbles. Bubs couldn't wait to get outside!

Easter best, but not the best picture! They are all 3 looking at the camera so this is the best I got. It was stake conference on Easter sunday and don't they look sharp!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet & Sassy Khloe

You are so sweet, yet so sassy, and you are getting a bit fiesty these days! You have established your independence and you are now on foot - which really means you are on the run! I am watching you sweet thing, and I sure love you Khlo bug!

Star Student

Macie was recognized at her school assembly for being the star student of the month for FRIENDSHIP!

This is such an appropriate award for her. She is such a great friend. The minute she walks in the door after school, she is ready to play with a friend, any friend. I love this about her and think it is such a great quality. She is loyal, kind, sweet, generous and I know that this will carry with her as she continues to grow and that this kind of "friendship" will one day turn into her way of serving others. She will have the ability to radiate love to everyone around her. Macie, you are a shining star and such a great example of what friendship means and I am so proud of you!

*** Scarlett, Macie, and Eliza - such good friends to one another ***

Worker Man!

Dalan loves his tools so much. He takes his work very seriously! I was downstairs and I heard some noise going on so I ran up to see what he could possibly be doing. This is what I found!

I think it is so great that he has such a passion for his tools and that he really desires to be a "worker man" when he grows up. That night at bedtime when playing the game..."what is your favorite???" I asked him what his favorite sport was. He said, "Mom, what is a sport!!" I said WHAT. Ya know like baseball, basketball, football. He said oh. I like wrestling. I then asked him what his favorite tool was! He immediately responded and said, "Probably an allen wrench." I told Dave he should probably start throwing him a ball here and there, but for now - I think I will keep my worker man busy. He is actually pretty helpful!

Monster Jam

We took Macie & Dalan to the monster truck show and had such a great day! We drank soda, ate popcorn and candy, screamed really loud to try to talk to one another - and got to see really great big HUGE monster trucks in real life!!

Indoor Campout

We went the freezing temperatures of March, but we kept it IN-DOORS!!

We might have just made a HUGE mistake teaching our kids (DALAN) that you can actually roast marshmallows over a hot flame to make smores!

Oh well!

Sleeping in a tent, watching a movie, from the comfort and HEAT of our own home

- so worth it!!

Khloe's day to day...

This little one has been causing trouble lately - but I just keep reminding myself it is just a phase. A short one, and one that I know I will miss someday!

Helping mama "unload" the dishwasher!

All tuckered out from a days work and ready to just chill out!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is a girl's favorite holiday....roses are a must! (But truth be told, I think they are a big waste of money, but I guess they are pretty to look at and this year the flowers were for the little girls, not the mama!) Phew.

Yummy - nothin like a little chocolate heaven fondue party to seal the deal!!