Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry...he's taken!

This stud muffin of a man is my husband. That's right. I am one lucky girl! Would you look at how well he pulls off his wardrobe and just is screaming Calvin Klein model. Come on. You know he is irresistaible!

My little ballerina....

Macie just started a combo tap/ballet dance class. It is so cute to watch these little 3 & 4 year olds. Macie's idea of a dainty toe tap (with the noisy tap shoe) is more like a STOMP..STOMP! Love this little girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I WILL NOT sleep in my bed...

I am not sure what this little guy's deal is with his bed....BUT he sleeps anywhere but in his own soft, cushy, queen size bed!

I find him on the floor beside the door....

Macie came down in the morning and said, "mom, where is Dalan!?" I told her he was still asleep in his room. She said, "no mom he isn't in his bed." I ran upstairs and could not find him anywhere. He was not in his bed, wasn't on the floor...until I walked around the corner and saw his little foot.

My heart sank. I lifted up the bedskirt and he was sleep and sound, UNDER his bed.

For those of you who know Dalan and his wild & crazy personality. This should be no surprise. He is the gift that keeps on giving...and makes my job as a mom memorable on a daily basis! Love this boy and all his adventures!

Just to include one quick picture of my little Macie pants. She had her friend Britton over and he had on this BSU jersey. Macie said to him, "Britton, I like your shirt. It is cute! Is it Boise State?" She then decided to be a cheerleader for the day and here is a funny picture of the two of them!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm a big boy now...

"Look at me. One stubborn boy who refuses to stay in my bed!"
This is his way of showing Dave & I who is boss...

Macie on the other hand BEGS to sleep in Dalan's big boy bed. It is so cute that she wants to hang out with her little brother. They are at such a fun age and love to play with one another. They went through a phase where Dal would just bug the crap out of Macie, but now they are each other's live-in best friend! It is so fun to see and makes me glad at this point that they are soooo close in age.
It paid off!