Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dalan preschool graduation

The first day of school - when Dalan was barely a 4 year old reminds me of how much he has grown and changed!!

Dalan did his 2nd year of preschool with Ms. Jen at "Little Friends Preschool!"

I love this preschool so so much! There are only 6 kids in the class and they all became such great friends!

Dalan was the "ME" kid and we made this darling poster telling all about who he is. We didn't get to cover much, but I just wanted to share a few super cool fun facts about my little guy!

This is him - silly, cute, fun, and BIG - an almost 5 year old!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Macie - Dance Recital

Macie has been in Sugarbabies this year - dancing on a team! It took a lot of practice each week - afterschool on Thursdays for 2 hours. She had so much fun, met some great friends, and learned some super cute dances. She performed quite a bit throughout the year, and as hard as it was to get her out to dance each week - seeing her on the stage made it all worth it! Her smiling face made me smile, and was so rewarding! Way to go MACIE!!

Gotta love all that stage makeup!!!

Macie with her cute friend Tessa

Dad trying to teach you a new trick!

That's it - MUAH!!!

Macie - music recital

Macie has been taking a music class all year long - this is her 2nd year and she has accomplished so much! It required her to practice on the piano 5 days a week, and she was also responsible to turn in a homework assignment each week. It taught her that hard work and practice are so rewarding! By the end of the year - she can read notes, she can play the major scale and knows all the chords on her right and left hand. It has been really neat to watch her sit down on the piano and play a real song - and she sings her little heart out!!

Macie and her friend Hallie Richardson take the class together!

I am so proud of you Macie!

Friday, May 13, 2011

rocket ship

Dalan and Dave ventured out one afternoon - and came home with a "real life" rocket ship. Dalan was beside himself and could not believe that they got to build it and launch it off!

Introducing.....the VORTEX!

The moment we have all been waiting for....time to launch!

We gathered up a bunch of the neighborhood kids and headed over to the school! The kids had a blast and we can't wait to do it again! The anticipation was so fun and even these crazy little girls thought it was cool!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I feel so blessed to call these kids mine!!

My man surprised me with his and hers bike beach cruisers for Mothers Day! I have been wanting some ever since our Sun Valley trip and we rented them for the day! It is so fun to have an activity we can all do as a family.

This little girl is such a great helper. I love so much that she is willing to get Khloe out of her crib each morning so I don't have to trek up the stairs! She is a true-born mini ME! I see so much of myself in this little one, who isn't so little anymore. It puts into perspective the important role a mother has and how much kids really do soak up all that you do and say - and become a little part of you that reflects in their personality.

*** MACIE wrote me the sweetest note:

Der Mom,
I love you bekus i like yor hugs and kisis.

The best part was the South Beach Peanut Butter Protein Cereal Bar attached by tape! She watches me and knows - these are my favorite!

DALAN my smiley curious boy. He has me wrapped around his mischevious little finger! This boy melts me. He is so naughty - yet he is the one who keeps us laughing at all times. This boy is all boy, but he is also the most tender-hearted sensitive little guy and can be so sweet. My favorite is when he says, "I I I I love you mom!"

KHLOE - I love this litle one. She is my baby and I am so in love! I love that she needs me. She is the one that demands most of my attention and walks around chanting, "Mama!" It makes me feel special and loved back!

"It is natural for females to have feelings of charity and benevolence. The ability to nurture does not bring applause from the world, but because it tenderly lifts so many lives it is probably one of the most significant talents you have. Seek to cultivate it. If you live up to your privelages, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates." - Joseph Smith

"Mother," more than any other word is held in universal esteem by all people. It brings forth from the soul the most tender of hidden emotions, prompts more good deeds, kindles memories' fires as they burn low, and reminds all to strive to be better. - Thomas S. Monson

I love being a mother - they give me reason to be. Reason to smile. Reason to laugh. Cry. Love. Life is good!