Sunday, November 15, 2009

The latest!

Macie: "Mom, does this match?"

Dave took Macie out on a daddy/daughter date Sat night. She has been feeling a little left out since Dalan had his tonsils out...and is crank-Y!

Close Macie. The colors are right. Just a little clashing goin' on!!

Khloe: Oh she is the sweetest thing ever and we are enjoying her so much. She is one beauty and we are eating her up!!

Dalan: He got his tonsils and adenoids out 5 days ago (a whole different post to come...someday) and got tubes put in his ears. He is a wreck. I am now admitting that I miss my CrAzY Dalan! I need his personality back. Right now, he is just a pile of mush...

We tried to lift his spirits today so what better idea than to spread some Christmas cheer. That's what we did. Christmas Music playing. Christmas Trimming Candle burning. The Christmas tree is twinkling!

AND look....our first wrapped present under the tree. She's not too happy about it! What a sweet gift, topped with the perfect bow! muah!!