Thursday, January 31, 2008

WHEN MAMA's HAPPY....Everyone's happy!

So I just have to say that is only 8:30 am and I have accomplished the following:

Bootcamp - 5:30 am
Home by 7:00 am
Scriptures - 7:30 am
Shower - 8:00 am
A 3 course breakfast for my family by 8:30 am consisting of eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins! Laundry is going and never ending!!

I have to say I am feeling great! So far this day is a beautiful one. I have been trying so hard to do my tasks with "exactness" as challenged in my parenting class. I have to also say that getting up in the morning and beginning with prayer and also reading my scriptures in a quiet house before the kids are awake is the best feeling EVER! I feel amazing and know that good things will come when doing what we are asked to do!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mug Shots

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Here we go....

I had just walked in the door from the gym at 1:00 pm, after a stop to Target....and got a call from my hubby who was already in SLC for business. He said, "You have one hour....GO!" I hadn't showered and I had to pack for me and my kids for the weekend because my friend Holly was coming to pick me up. We loaded all 8 kids (her 6 and my 2) in the big white 15 passenger van....(see picture) and off we went! We were supposed to go to the Jazz game Friday night because Dave was given tickets and they were on the 14th row....dang. I was pretty excited to go, but we didn't quite make it in time. With 3 potty breaks....HELLO again 8 kids and traffic, we didn't quite get there in time. We still had a great weekend.

We met up with my sister...her hubby Ron and the girls, Briqelle and Cali. The kids went swimming and Dalan is a little fish. Macie is a little afraid of water, but Dalan was ready to dive off into the deep end. We went to the Gateway and did some shopping, had lunch, and then took the kids to the discovery center at the planetarium and watched a 3D movie called "Sea Monsters" It was so much fun and the kids had a blast. They were so good, considering no naps except the 15 minutes Dalan dozed off in the stroller.

What a great last minute spontaneous trip! I am so not one to get up and go. I need structure. I need routine...and I buckle under pressure. BUT this was one exception and I would do it again in a second!!! Anyone up for a road trip??

Macie....the funny bug!

Macie is in this little class called "Super Beasts" at The Little Gym. We have been in a mommy and me class and it was a blast for her and I to have some one on one time....thanks to my great friend Amber for keeping Dalan for me each week. Anyway, now she is going to be in a class by herself and she will now be a "Funny Bug!" She just loves to run, climb, dancy dance and walk the line on the balance beam! She just glows and explores and I love the independence that it teaches her. LIKE she needs any help with that one! She got a gold "Little Gym" medal last week and was so cute to watch "Arms up high, touch the sky; Arms down, touch the ground; Smell your belly and ROLL!! A proud moment for a mama!!


This is from okay probably 3 weeks ago....BUT here it is! Dave's little brother Bryan and his wife Amy and their sweet baby Madyson came to see us! FINALLY....the guest room I had to have was put to use! I am bummed that I didn't take that many pictures of that sweet baby Madyson. I was eating her up every second, but I am happy to report that it was soooo fun to have her, but it did reiterate the fact that I am sooooo not ready to go for #3 quite yet. As tempting as it may be to ya done and all. I just really want to enjoy that next baby and I am telling you right now that I am pretty maxed out with my two!!! It is definitely because I am not up for the challenge quite yet.

Thanks so much Bryan and Amy for coming out to see us...for taking time out of your lives....and paying a visit to those you love most.....US! Come again and let's have a re-match at Phase 10 and get our game on! Amy, we are thinking of you right now and keeping your family in our prayers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A man called "Do-Veed"...David!

Okay "T" here you go. I finally complied with your "tagger!" It was actually pretty fun to talk about my husband...I mean HELLO people, look how good lookin' this Italian Stallion really is!

what is his name? David Alan Grantham
how long have you been together? dated for a little over a year....engaged for 3 months...married for almost 6 years = okay just over 7 years or so!
how long did you date? 1 year
how old his he? 29 but don't ask him or he will say he is 30..."do the math!"
who eats more? I am not going to lie. I can hold my own. Let's just leave it at that.
who said i love you first? Dave said, "I think I am falling in love with you!" and he sooooo did as did I!
who is taller? Dave
who can sing better? We always try to out do each other, but Dave takes the cake because he can get his chin to shake.
Who is smarter? Give Dave a spelling test and then we'll talk. Although, he has way more knowledge of the scriptures. Okay. He is a smartie pants, just don't ask him to spell "munchkin!" He will ask you, "What is a mun-chicken?"
who does the laundry? I sooo do the laundry. Recently though, he did invest in buying me the new front loaders and I am loving them. Thanks honey!
who pays the bills? I do and I am pretty sure that he hasn't written a check our entire marriage. I keep threatening him that he will one day take over....but I admittingly like the control it gives me and the responsibility.
who sleeps in the right side? I do
who mows the lawn? our lawn boy....Austin! Dave is taking over this year though.
who cooks dinner? Good ? I cook only because I have to feed my family. I can honestly say that I don't LOVE it, but it is getting better. Maybe it is just because I totally suck at it. Anyone want a good service project?
who drives? Dave. However, on long road trips, we take our fair share. Usually this requires me to drive atleast an hour or two. Although, when you tell Dave to turn left, he takes a right!
who is more stubborn? Hmmm...I am pretty sure that he is.
who kissed who first? I think he went in for the kill and he said it shot him down. He swears that I was the worse kisser and that he taught me everything I know. I so disagree.
who asked who out first? I admittingly asked him to "hang out" while my boyfriend was out of town. ps. He didn't know I had a boyfriend and after a minute or two...I didn't!
who proposed? Dave cooked me a nice romantic dinner. "So will ya?"
who has more friends? I do.
who is more sensitive? Me for way sure. Especially lately Dave has been calling me Eor off Winnie the Pooh. Does that make me a complainer too???
who has more siblings? Dave for sure. 7 of em'. There are only 3 kids in my family.
who wears the pants? I think we are a good team, but I am a giver inner.
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