Saturday, March 7, 2009

My funny mama!

Okay. So my mom had a crazy, miserable, sucky, no good weekend during my super great fan-tabulous "girls weekend" until she finally arrived in SLC courtesy of the "Shepherd Shuttle" and the "Mom and Dad Express." For a funny read....check it out yourself at:

I don't know how to do the "click here" thing. Deal with it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Girls Weekend 2009!!

We ATE, went to a CHICK FLICK, we SHOPPED, we SLEPT IN, we LAUGHED, LAUGHED, and LAUGHED, and REMINISCED...and started planning next year's get away. However, we decided that we need to have a Summer edition as well as a Winter edition of "Girls Gone Wild - Lehi!" These girls are the best! We don't get to talk much, but when we meet up each year, it is like nothing ever changed! I love these college roomies!!!

I brought Macie pants down with me for a girls road trip...and she spent the weekend at my sister's with her bff cuz Cali & Briqelle and baber Jameson. My mom also came up for the weekend so she could spend time with the grandkids! (You are the greatest!) Wish I could have spent more time with them also!!