Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome Back MOM!

I was greeted back by my sweet kids who were just as excited to see me as I was them! Luckily, my amazing sister took dang good care of my kids while we were away and by day 4 she flew in help from grandma and her hubby Ron drove up from SLC to help! She claims the kids were good...but 2 little three year old girls fighting and a crazy almost 2 year old and amber being prego trying to clean up messes and just survive the day, I'm not so sure. This is what I was greeted with when we got back.

Day 1: glue spilled on mom's new rug by my 3 year old Macie and help from Dalan. Un- pack time. Laundry.

Day 2: Mom in shower. Macie climbs in pantry and reaches for box of cereal. Gives to Dalan who proceeds to have a hay day and dump it all out. *Round 2* More laundry.

Day 3: Grandma Mags leaves. Mom sad. Macie and Dalan exhausted and both supppeer whiney. Washer and Dryer still going strong. Dishwasher included.

Day 4: Ready for another vacation.

Day 5: Mom makes a "Happy Good Girl" chart to try and help Macie not be so sassy, thanks Amber for the tip!

Day 6: Finally. Dad is home to help! It is a weekend and a beautiful sunny day. Had a picnic in back yard for lunch.

Oh, it's good to be back! Thanks again AMBER for coming up to take care of our rug rats and MOM it was so good to see and hang out with you. Loved having you both here and love both of your faces so so much!!

A much needed vacation!

Dave and I just got back from our cruise to the Caribbean. It was soooo what we needed. As cheesy as it may sound, it was so good to be in the middle of the ocean with no cell phone and no work, okay and no kids. We needed this trip badly and it was so good for Dave & I to re-connect and enjoy some "us" time! We went with our good friends that we met here in Boise, the Buhrley's (who are losers and moving to California in June for more school!) and also met a new couple that they went to dental school with, the Hammond's, (who we thought were so great and hysterically entertaining NATE!) We had such a great trip and enjoyed just lounging around sipping some ice coke's and a daily bowl of fresh fruit. Let's not forget the countless cookies and ice cream and all the other crap that they have to sucker you in. We definitely got our money's worth in food!


This was our first day on the ship. Vacation begins! Check out that dessert...I sure got used to that and now my pants are hugging my butt suuuuupppppperrrrr tight! Dang.
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OKAY OKAY OKAY, this is an embarassing highlight of my trip. I have to admit that I was pretty star struck, I'm not going to lie! If any of you watch "The Bachelor" and remember just last year's Brad...when he left not one, but TWO girls hanging...well, I am now friends with Jenni! Not really friends, but I can say that we had lunch together! I saw this girl on day 2 and said, "that looks just like Jenni" then we saw her a few days later and I had to ask! was her! We saw her the next day at the beach and I approached her yet again. It was fun to talk to her and ask her questions and she was totally nice, and gorgeous too! She asked us to play volleyball with them and we met her boss and co-workers, who just happens to be a dentist from Arizona (where the Hammond's live) and is married to a girl from Boise and they are LDS. Too funny!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Hey all

Not to rub it in AT ALL....but we are getting ready to get the heck out of dodge on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. I am sooo sick of the brrrrrr cold. It snowed this last week, and now the best part is that the day we leave, it is supposed to be 70 and a beautiful weekend. Of course. Anyway, can't wait for our little get away to get my husband in the middle of the ocean where noone can call him on his cell phone. YAE for me, I get him all to myself! Hope you all have fun doing what you do, at home. HA!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you a gamer?

This is Dave and I's favorite thing to do lately. It has always been a Sunday afternoon thing, but now it is turning into week night activities including bets and wagers for back rubs/tickles. I have always been the reigning champion...until we started playing for these "little perks!" Gosh. Now, Dave is totally "strategically" kicking my butt big time. Any strategies from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Yours truly!