Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our road trip to Nephi, St George, Las Vegas, back to St. George, Nephi, Salt Lake, and finally back home!!!

The reason for this road trip was because Dave's little brother Josh got married to his cute new wife Lexy! It was such a beautiful wedding and she seems like a really great girl. This was our second time meeting her and she was so great. Again, the buggy thing about living so far away. I will say though that Josh is one lucky guy!!

Here is a collage of the fun at the reception!

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Here is a collage of the fun at the temple!

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Cousins that we love and miss like crazy! Macie has little Cali, they are 6 months apart and she absolutely worships Briqelle, who just turned 8. Dalan has little/runt Brecken, and the two boys are 5 months apart. It couldn't have worked out more perfect, EXCEPT we had to move to Idaho and now the cousins are soooo far away. SLC and St. George. I used to think that I could get them to one day move this way, but it isn't looking good. Mama mags bought a condo in SG and Amber and her new hubby just bought a house in Holiday! C'mon guys....lets re-consider this!

I gave my good friend Christina a baby shower because she has 3 boys and is having her 4th baby, and YAE for her it is a girl! We had a great turn out. She has a lot of really great friends and one super duper great friend who went above and beyond to make sure that this baby Cholee would be super spoiled. Your welcome.
I can't take all the credit so there is a diclaimer *** Tara is the bomb. Deana is also the bomb. BUT Christina is the hot prego blonde bomb shell! *** Check out those swolen feet, or are they swolen yet??? JK

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The adventures of getting us home! I was so ready to get back to Idaho after being gone for a week. Right when I put the kids in the car, they immediately zonked out, thankfully. I was on I-15 right by the downtown/temple square exit when my car started beeping and flashing "check tire pressure!" YEP...I blew a front tire and it was awful. I was all the way to the left and needed to cross 5 lanes of traffic to pull over. Holy Crap! Robby to the rescue. Luckily he was up helping my sister move and thanks to Brit for coming to keep me company. What a scare. The worse part was that the night before, I dropped my cell phone in the sink of running water (this isn't the first time) and said a prayer that my phone would even turn on. Whoo Hoo, someone was watching over me that day.

Summer Camp!

Macie's first day of summer camp was today at a little pre-school. It is a 4 week program, 3 days a week!! She was so excited to take her backpack and ride over in her friend Beau's car and to sit in a booster chair. Today they talked about summer. They painted ice cream cones and used real sprinkles....too bad that it was a cloudy day and her first day of "Summer" school she had to wear long pants and a jacket!! Gotta love Idaho!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This day started out with my alarm clock going off at 4:55 am. I was trying to wake from my dream and was reaching for the green straw, hence Macie now needing a specific color for everything! I rolled out of bed and somehow made it to boot camp at 5:30 (thanks to Lindsie McD picking me up!) It was brutal. It has been a couple of months since I have really really pushed myself like that. I work out. Whatever. This is a workout. It was nice to be home and ready for the day before kids were out of bed. Same routine. Different day. Errands and the mom stuff we do at home. Finally, it was time to take the kids to the Buhrley's (thanks again Amber!) 5:00 is usually chaos at our house and today was no different. Dropped the kids off at the worse time ever. Starving kids, a Macie with no nap, and a see ya later to Amber!

Aaagghhh...the drive with music of my choice! I chose the Childrens Primary Songs, and Macie wasn't even in the car with me. Something about the song, "A Child's Prayer" gets me. Plus, I was on my way to the temple (woo wooh!) It was soooo needed and it felt amazing to be there with my husband. After a brutal awakening and a rough work out, it was so rewarding to end the night feeling so at peace and a desire to want to try harder, serve more diligently, and give more of myself to everyone around me, especially my children. A new day tomorrow. Can't wait!

Do we truly teach by example...

Picture this. My litte girl pulls down her pants, takes a squat and pees on my doorstep. YES, I was outside, however, not watching my children. I was way more engulfed in my magazine at the time. Next thing I know, Dalan is splashing in a puddle. It didn't dawn on me that it was pee...until a few minutes after the fact. Just barely, kids are outside playing, roaming free in the backyard where it is fully fenced in. I take a peek out the window to see Macie look around and to her satisfaction mom is nowhere to be found so she continues to once again take a squat and attempt to pee in the grass. BUSTED!

This reminds me of our cute little neighbor boy Connor Peterson a couple of years ago who lived across the street from us in St. George. Dave & I were outside and totally saw him take a leak in the bushes. He was maybe 4. Atleast, he was discreet...and the fact that he is a boy makes it a little more acceptable in my eyes for some reason.

Maybe, it was my poor example when I had to pee sooooo bad and we were on a bumpy road with no toilets in sight. I made Dave pull over so I could pee in the snow and now I am pretty sure my little Macie tot thinks it is totally normal to pee outside. I guess like mother, like daughter!!