Sunday, October 28, 2007

Macie's Prayer!

Tonight when Dave was saying prayers with Macie this is what went down:

Dave: We are thankful for this day.....
Macie adds: That we could have some candy
Dave: Thankful that we were able to go to church
Macie adds: and we were able to come home and have some candy!

Macie is in heaven. Although I have to say, I find myself eating way more sugar than I should be. Can't wait for the Halloween witch to come scoop it all up and take it away!!! She will leave a fun book for Macie in return!

Costume Party!!

Okay, to help you out...I will guide you through these pictures! From top left corner over!

Amber and Matt Buhrley were Sonny and Cher, me and my friend Amber (Cher!) and you can call me Cyndi Lauper! Josh and Lindsie were representing the 1970's. My friend Kirsten and her hubby Toby....she is Madonna and her hubby is Jonny Cash (kinda) he did dress all in black! Okay this one is hillarious. The Amar's (they threw the party!) They were K-fed and B Spears. His t-shirt said, "Federline...I look like I stink, but I don't" Liz's said, "Mrs. Federline" with an arrow pointing to her very prego belly! Too funny... Next is the Dopp's who are 70 rockers (He is also in our stake presidency and was a hoot on stage!) Joe and Sunny Smart....Slash and Axel Rose. The Gosney's are Dwight and Angela from "The Office!" Tina's shirt had a picture of a cat and said, "Sprinkles....R.I.P." The Bradford's were Sonny and Cher, the Hamilton's were Johny Cash and June Carter. The Rigg's...80's baby! Jen Weaver was Madonna, who was her idol when she was 12 and she had her moves down!! The McGrath's were representing country....Dolly Parton! We had the Village People, more country, the staff that did the improv...then some clips of the Karaoke bit!

We had a super fun time. It was a nice change from dinner and a movie! What a great date night and a fun way to celebrate Halloween. It was a magical night and one to never forget....Aaaggg Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa

ps. We sent our husbands home at 10:30 and stayed to Karaoke and then went down town in search for a delicious chocolate anything. We stuffed our faces full of the big chocolate chip cookie Ala Mode at Old Chicago....and returned home at about 2 am. We were party animals!!!
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The Adult Halloween Party...1980's rock!

We went to a themed Halloween party at a Comedy Sports Club. The idea was to come dressed as any decade of music. The options were wide open! Dave and I originally were going to be Elvis and Priscilla. We then changed our minds to Danny and Sandy from Grease. Then....we went into a costume shop and just about died when we saw all the options available. 1980's it was for us! I died laughing when Dave put on the MC hammper pants, the preppy vest, but the best part is the wig with feathered bangs! He is hot, don't ya think??

We were entertained with improv "Whose Line is it Anyway" style, Karaoke, food catered from Jonny Carino's, and good friends. There were several couples from our ward there and it was so much fun! Check out the pictures and try to guess who they are trying to immitate!
ps. Hey aunt MELANIE....shout out to you! I have to say that I seriously thought of you more than once while dressed up in these amazing clothes. Your prom video comes to mind and the theme song, "Ocean's after day" "Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you!" I am totally humming it out loud to myself!

Trunk or Treat!

My little ones as a dragon and a princess!
Dave was a good sport and helped cook the scones. Hey honey, did you cook the doughy ones??

Macie with her little friend Eliza and their favorite babysitter Rhianna!
What a great time we had this year at our ward Trunk or Treat. Our ward is HUGE! They were planning on 600 people. I was so impressed how organized it was. We played games, ate chili and scones, and of course were on a quest for candy!! My little princess and dragon had a blast! ps. I could not get a picture of the two of them together. We'll try again on Halloween night so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love clean houses....oh how I wish they would stay clean!

So....with Dalan being super sick (we just recovered from day 6) of the pukes at our house. It went all the way around, except somehow Macie managed to still be bouncing off walls and didn't catch the bug. As terrible as it may sound, I almost wish she caught something to simmer the girl down a bit. NOPE....still happy go lucky that one is!

I decided now that I was feeling much much better, I should probably make my house look like a home again. Why is it that it takes seriously all day to clean house. All the many distractions around are enough to just throw the mop and broom out the door! Macie thought she needed to swish the toilet for me, Dalan was fascinated by the garbage, and well...I just think the whole process is disgusting! I guess that it is all worth it when you look around and just finish vaccuming the carpets and realize...aaaaggghhh clean...until dinner time comes and you would never know that I slaved all day to make the house look clean. All I have to say is I am so grateful for smelly goods!

This is a little bit of a ramble, but I am just feeling so good right now in a clean house, oil warmer going, and kids napping. The quietness and humming of my computer is making me smile as I type! I love these days....after the cleaning is cleaned!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to this great pumpkin patch with our good friends the Buhrley family. It was fun for the kids and I have to say...I am so looking forward to Halloween! I love candy as many of you know and at this "Positive Parenting" class I am taking, which is a whole other post....the teacher gave a great idea called the Halloween Witch. Each child gets to pick their favorite candy and put in a ziploc bag....the rest is left at the front door for the Halloween witch to take! ( I will gladyly play the role as the Halloween witch this year! )
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Amber and Ron's Open House Celebration!

So which is it....does Macie look like Mama Mags as I get told all the time....or her real mama?

Couldn't help but to post these pictures of the food that was catered by Amber's future sister-in-law and super crafty Kira! She is an amazing decorator, caterer, and is soooo sweet! Amber showed me the menu for the wedding and oh boy is all I can say....except for the poached salmon...will have to pass on that!

The be!

This is a sneak peak at Amber's beautiful dress! She is one beautiful bride!! We were lucky enough to help her decide on a dress and be there for the final fitting, which she is lookin' so good for! Love ya girl and know you are one hot mama!

Girls Trip...Cousins Day!


Macie Moo and Cali Cat

Macie and I left the boys home in Idaho and took a girls road trip to SLC to see Bumma Mags, Aunt Amber and our cousins Briqelle and Cali. We were also lucky enough to have a surprise visit from Uncle Rob, Aunt Britny and baby Brecken!! It was so great to all be together and we are so excited for another 3 weeks to see them again at Amber & Ron's wedding!! We went to an open house for the little lovebirds and had a ball. Here are a few pics of the girlie girls!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Macie at The Little Gym!

We just put Macie in a gymnastics class called the "Super Beasts!" It is a class for her and I each week that teaches motor development activities with songs, group activities, stretching, gymnastics skills, ball play and bubbles! Today was her first class and she had a blast! The cute teacher....Miss Christina is darling! Macie was on the balance beam, the bars, she did front and back somersaults and she really got a lot of energy out. Today's class was about being an "Enchanted Princess!" She brought a lot of spunk to the class and it was so fun to see her have a good time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Moosie and Daba"

Our little one's are the best! They are at a great stage where they are playing and entertaining each other. They make each other laugh, which in turn makes Dave and I laugh even harder. Our little tots are turning into little people that we are trying to mold to become something great....we are loving every minute of their existence!

DALAN CRAIG: This little boy is so sweet. He has been the best baby from day one. He is so content and seems to adore his bis sis Macie. Now that he is walking, he is a little busy body and likes to get into everything he isn't supposed to such as toilets, garbage, cupboards full of cleaning supplies, the fridge, and all the touch-me-not's that decorate our home! He is such a love and we are just so lucky to have him in our family!

MACIE ALLIN is a honey these days! She is full of personality and makes Dave and I laugh all day long. Recently, I had to resort to putting a child lock on Macie's bedroom door so she can't escape at night. She would get out of bed repeatedly and I was soooo tired of putting her to bed 14 x a night. I have to say it worked and this morning.... I heard her yell out, "Mom, I'm stuck!" It was pretty cute and thought I would share! We just put her in a little gymnastics class that starts tomorrow and I can't wait to see her let out all that energy! It will be great to have some one on one time with her!

Dress up for a day!

MACIE....a beautiful princess! DALAN....a handome janitor! Playing dress up for the day. Dalan loves to push a mop and broom. Macie all of sudden became a little girl who loves babies, princesses, and is a little girlie girl finally!
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St. Luke's Women's Fitness 5K

This was the funnest, most girl-power, pump you up walk/run EVER! This is for sure a new tradition and next year all my family is coming up to do it with me (didn't you know?) There were 12,000 + women there and it was so much fun. There was loud music at the beginning to get you going and even Jared...the guy who lost all that weight from Subway was there to encourage the cause for a more healthy life style. Can't wait until it rolls around again....
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McCall, Idaho

Okay so this was the funnest day trip we have had in a long time. We drove up to this great little town called McCall with Josh and Lindsie (Ava...not pictured was sleeping in the car!) This town can be compared to Park City, without the great shopping. It has great restaurants and fun little shops. There is this gorgeous lake surrounded by trees and YES....even mountains! We drove around the lake and enjoyed the scenery. It is gorgeous up there! We talked about how fun it would be to have a cabin up there....and the one we picked out was proabably a little....okay a lot out of our price range, but it was fun to dream! ps. This trip was atleast a month ago, just a little slow on posting!
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