Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I could let the pictures do all the talking...BUT this may require a little bit of explanation behind it so here goes!

Okay, my super party-riffic and crazy themed friends Lindsie and Sunny (the two bobsy twins wearing the same dresses in opposite colors, peach and sea green um...80's, no?)really outdid themselves this night. They put together an 80's formal prom night for our queen friend Amber-licious Buhrley who moved last Thursday so her husband can go back to school to turn his dentist career to an upscale doctor...endodontist! This girl was my person. Our kids are the same age and she was the girl I could count on for a can of beans, a cup of sugar, (I may have provided more than borrowed!) she fed my family many of times. She was the girl I could call to take my kids for an hour, complain to, laugh, or joke with. It was a pretty big deal to everyone that she was moving so LINDSIE and SUNNY get all the credit for this. They planned an entire prom night with Amber as the prom queen! This could get a bit lengthy of a post, but soooo worth the read!

Lindsie and Sunny showed up at Amber's door with the green dress. They said, okay just get into character. Make-up, crimper, and dress/shoes were provided and we were out the door an hour later. We met at this fantastic Italian restaurant downtown called Asiago's and we were all licking our plates by the end. Then....duh duh duh da da, our ride shows up. This man dressed up like Rod Stewart comes to pick us up for a "tour de Boise!" We were rocking out to 80's music and ended up dancing on the street for people who were eating and enjoying their evening....and we were the free entertainment! We headed over to Ann Morrison Park to take individual "album covers" on the bridge (see collage) We then ended up back at the hotel for an all night of fun. Lindsie provided treats and entertainment...didn't post pictures with white stretchy styrup pants and Sunny's one piece black stretchy leotard. I still can if I get enough requests!! We laughed so hard I am pretty sure I peed a couple of times....and it was a bittersweet farewell to our dear friend Amber the legend Buhrley.


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I am postivie nothing will ever top this night. It was the best group of girls EVER and a night to never forget!

A big shout out to my aunt Mel for pulling through for me with her once upon a time prom dress...."Ocean's apart, day after day!!!" Sorry to disappoint, but couldn't get the blue one to even zip up!

Her name is Rosie!

As a last minute good-bye surprise....I was caught in a weak moment. What can I say I am a total sucker...and we now need to welcome Rosie as the newest addition to the Grantham family. Do we need to now include her in the Grantham Anthem that we have been trying to establish? I guess for a first time pet owner, this is the closest thing we will ever to get to an actual animal in the house. Macie is excited to have her and said to me, "mom can I hold her!?" Well...let's hope Dalan doesn't have his way with the fish and climb up to make Macies wish come true. No holding the fish. I had to sing the song, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming...!"

A few favorites...

So I received my package in the mail! It was fun to open and have each individual gift wrapped with a message of why it was Crystal's favorite. Here are the goodies that I received!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bye Bye Buhrley's...

We are so sad to see the Buhrley's move. They are off to new adventures and back to school! We are going to miss Eliza and Porter so much. We have made some fun memories these past two years and they will surely be missed. Macie and Eliza have been joined at the hip (Macie pretty much worships the ground Eliza walks on) Dalan and Porter are just starting to be buddies and able to communicate and make each other laugh. What good kids they are, but we know they will be back in 2 years, right!?? The kids left today.....and Matt & Amber are leaving on Thursday.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts of Thursday!

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."

Sorry Kirsten, I took this from your blog. I haven't stopped thinking about it all day! It is so true and is exactly how I feel!! Perfectly said.

Is this day over YET? Is my shift over and can I clock out!? What a day. You know sometimes when you just need a good, hard, healthy cry. Today was that day. It started out so great too. Gym at 5:30 and home by 7. Showered and ready for the day by 8. I cooked breakfast for my kids and hubby *I always feed them, but today was the good, hot stuff!* I ran errands while Macie was at her last day of Summer Camp. Got home, fixed lunch....and then I lost it! Apparently, I hit a curb *duh, I knew I hit the curb* but left some damage on Dave's precious cargo...his car. AAGGHHH! He wasn't very happy about it and I honestly didn't even know it left a, yep, a scratch. I feel badly about it, I do. is only a car, right!?

Anyway, from there it proceeded to just get crazier. It didn't help that my crazy busy 2 year old took a 45 minute nap. Macie didn't get her much needed nap so I decided to take the kids swimming to get out of our messy house because I was tired of my to-do list growing by the minute! Anyway, we had a great afternoon. Mom recovered and is smiling, but has a headache. Kids are fast asleep. I am ready for bed and climbing in as soon as I "publish post!" Just needed to vent for a second. BUT, all is well and life goes on!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

What a great day to be able to spoil our husbands/fathers. Dave really is a special person and is such a great dad. Let me just tell you what he spent Father's Day weekend putting together. The backyard playset from Costco. He began his work at 8 am and didn't come inside until 10 pm on Saturday. No joke. He was such a trooper with no complaints, still not finished *this thing is a beast* but the fact that he put his whole day, sweat, frusturation all for his kiddo-s is amazing! We love him and are so grateful for how hard he works for our family. I am so proud of his success and am such a lucky girl to be his Mrs. David Grantham! This day is going to be spent with a new tradition. I wanted to make him a special dinner, and one that I do NOT ever make....which is Salmon. I have never cooked anything fishy at our house. I am surprising him with a nice dinner that he will be shocked about (hopefully it tastes okay with the whole experiment) He also was given a new help the process of the playset. I felt really bad about him spending all Saturday hunched over doing physical labor so I also got him a 1 hour massage because he is going to be super sore! We love you Dave and hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What goes around....comes all the way back around!!

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I knew this would eventually happen. Dalan is so funny. He climbs out of the tub, back in, out again, and in. However, usually he is a naked boy...BUT I have to say I wasn't upset. I thought it was pretty funny and something he and Macie can laugh at later on!!!