Sunday, June 26, 2011

J&K come for a visit!!

Grandpa Jay with Nash & Khloe!

Grandma Kay with Khloe, Mady, and Macie coloring!!

We had a Wii Just Dance Party

Bryan and Amy having a dance off!! (Bryan did win by 20 points!!)

Dalan - being Crazy Dalan!

Playing outside ...

Then we ended the party with a day at ...


*** We had so fun during their visit and love so much when they get to come play! I hate that the distance is so great, and wish we could see them much much more! We love and miss you guys so much. ***

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to the worlds BEST!!

These two boys have such a sweet bond. They are soooo much alike and share so many interests. I love that they both love being in the garage "workin!" They love camping, fishing, jeep cruising, and anything that will make them dirty! Boys will be boys I guess!

Dave loves these girls to pieces. He calls them his babes and they love and adore him so much! He is so good to play games with them, read stories, tickle attacks, and so much more. What lucky kids they are to have this guy as their DADDY!!

Always goofing around - and that is why we love ya !!

And of are HER biggest fan and she has the t-shirt to prove it!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cheer !!

Introducing: Aspyn's cheer camp girls!

These are the little girls who live on our street! Every Wednesday after school, they would all meet up for cheer class - by cute Aspyn who did this just for fun! They had such a great time and I loved watching them perform! We had a BBQ/performance so they could show all their hard work to their parents. They did such a great job!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School's Out Party!

To celebrate that school is out our neighbors, The Cromar's, host a water fun party! The kids think this is the best because it really is the first time they get to wear their swimsuits and have some FUN! There were water balloons, water guns, a little pool for the little babes, a new trampoline and lots of yummy snacks! The kids had such a great time and the mom's got to chat it up!! Now bring on SUMMER and the SUN!

(It actually happened to be a warm day today - enough to wear swimwear!)

(The pool water is totally heated!! - good thinking Cromar's!)

Done with Kindergarten....!

This is what Macie looked like 9 months ago on the first day of school at Hunter Elementary...

I cannot believe that now she is officially done with Kindergarten! She has learned so much this year. She has grown taller. She is smarter. She loves school so much and has made so many great friends! I am really proud of Macie, for all her hard work this year and now we can say....
"School's out for Summer!!" - and we couldn't be more excited!!

Way to go girl!!
*** I just have to include this. On the way to Kindergarten graduation, I had Dalan and Khloe all loaded up in the car to go. We were waiting for Macie to come out and she was taking a few minutes. I was honking the horn so we weren't late! She climbed in the car....wearing green eyeshadow, hot pink lipstick and she was ready for the show! So cute and funny - I couldn't even bring myself to tell her to wash it off. I mean, she was performing afterall - and it was HER last day of school!!! ***

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Khloe Bug

Khloe has fell upon the terrible two's and with that comes T.R.O.U.B.L.E. She is getting much busier and likes to make messes, but I know this is only a phase so I try not to get too worked up about it. She is silly, fun, and makes us laugh all day!

She is obsessed with having her ears cleaned - I dont know why she likes it, but she is always bringing me q-tips for a good cleanout! It makes me giggle...

Macie is so sweet with Khloe - I always try to snap a cute picture of these two "sisters" but I can never quite catch the moment - this one is totally forced and Khloe wasn't too happy about it!!

This is when I realized she really is growing up so fast and has discovered baby dolls and purses. With this discovery comes major 'tude....major major attitude!!

This is sweet Khloe. She loves to sit with the big kids to watch a toonie for just a minute. I don't get too long out of her sitting still, but first thing in the morning she usually does pretty good!

EXAMPLE: When she isn't sitting....she is sliding off the couch Dalan style!!

More than anything - she is so sweet, super cute, and she makes me so HAPPY!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We have been waiting 5 years for this day - really it was going to happen. Do you know this kid?? It is really bad timing because the sun is finally ready to come out and shine - but no swimming for this boy, not for 4-5 weeks anyway....

Dalan noticed that there was writing on the lightbulbs. He could not understand why someone would write on them. He climbed up on the counter to get a closer look (ya know, to see the 60 watt bold letters) and insists he "fell" off. I know he jumped! He landed on his arm and I knew he was hurt. We took him to the urgent care and he was given a soft cast and a green popsicle for being so brave.

Our conversation in the waiting room was one that I want to remember. These are a few things that Dalan was saying:
"Mom, what if I would have cracked my head? Would they have to take my brain out??"
"Hey mom, can you tell the doctor that I can lift up our couch!"
"Mom, I can see my bones in that picture." (the x-ray made his day!)
"Mom, there is no such thing as powers huh mom. Ya know like superpowers."

I was told that it was not broken and to just leave it wrapped up for a few days. We tried to take off the wrap 4 days later, and he could not even move his arm so off to the orthopedic we went. New x-rays and an orange cast later - here he is all tatted up and of course, all smiles!

So with doctor orders to keep BOTH feet on the ground at all times to allow healing to take place - this is what he does to keep himself entertained!!

************ UPDATE **************

We took Dalan back to the doctor, where they removed the ORANGE cast and took more x-rays to see if the fracture would require surgery or not. The good news is that no surgery is required!! The bad news is he needs to be wrapped up for 3 more weeks. The nurse came back in to give Dalan his color options. I LOVED the orange because it served as reflective wear so I could see him at all times on our street. I was really trying to pump him up for neon guess what he picked. I should have known. It is his favorite color afterall....