Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I love this time of year. I love that we have traditions that our kids will remember for a long time, and that they will maybe carry on to their children one day.

Of course - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this beauty!

Our advent calendar - to countdown how many days until Christmas. Each little box contains a small treat for each kid!

Another tradition our kids love (and I LOVE LOVE) is Mr. Peeps! This little elf moves to a new spot each day (and sits way up high) to watch and report to Santa Claus if the kids are making good choices. He only flys at night when the little ones are fast asleep! This elf is magical and the kids know not to touch him - or else he can lose his special powers. On Christmas eve, he lands on our Christmas tree...and by Christmas morning Santa picks him up and takes him back to The North Pole.

We started a new tradition this year: This is our Service tree! After a really inspiring RS Christmas program, I really wanted my kids to serve others and see that it truly "is better to give than to receive!" Every time the kids showed an act of kindness by serving another, they were given an ornament to hang on our tree! They made the poster of the tree and were really excited to decorate it with different ornaments that they had to earn. This was a really great way for them to see what a difference it makes to serve and be kind this Christmas season!!

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to The Johnson's house for Brittany's world famous Belgium Waffles topped with strawberries, whip cream, and homemade syrup! We had breakfast for dinner and it was heaven!
Our host: Brittany Johnson!!

Grantham's, Johnson's, and the Weaver's! Ms. Jenn is Dalan's preschool teacher so he was pretty excited to have their family join us! (Also, he loves her boys and Hannah babysits my kids and they adore her!)

We watched "Joy to the World" to remind the kids the real reason we celebrate this season and remember Christ's birth. After the movie, the kids acted out the Christmas story using puppets!

Of course the tradition on Christmas Eve is to let the kids open just one present - and every year it is a new pair of pajamas!

Aren't they cute!

Our Family on Christmas Eve!


Of course the tradition, Cookies for Santa - with beautiful artwork from the children!

Sugarplum fairies dancing in their heads....

(I could never get a picture of Khloe because she is such a light sleeper...)

I think this one is more for ME! I am in love with Orange Rolls. I never make them, but you bet ya on Christmas morning - it is our thing. However, I am a little bummed because I am pretty sure my kids don't love them. I know. How could they not???

A new tradition this year: The Christmas Pickle

We got this as a neighbor gift this year - and it is such a cute idea! On Christmas Eve, we hide the green pickle on the green tree, and whoever finds it on Christmas morning gets to open the first present! Look who got it....miss Macie!

The Mr. Claus

The Mrs. Claus


Macie made this ornament at school as a gift for her parents!

This is what Mrs. Clause stood outside of Toys R Us for 2 hours in the freezing cold waiting for - this singing machine and I am happy to say it has been a total hit! Macie loves to perform and she looks good doing it!

Her FAVORITE gift this year is her American Girl doll. She has been taking little "Jenny" everywhere with her. Changing her clothes 5 x a day, having a tea party, tucking her in at Macie's new sidekick! I love that she is still playing with dolls - it keeps her young a little longer!!


Dalan's wish list came true this year when he asked for "Molten Hot Lava!" Mom and Dad delivered with this volcano kit! He was sooooo excited :)

This present turned into a days work with his daddy!

Working hard - and Dalan couldn't be happier. This is CHRISTMAS for him for sure!!

The finished product!

Another favorite - his rocket ship!


Christmas Sunday Best! I love the tradition of getting the kids coordinating outfits for church. I don't know why - but I love this. I think they look so cute when they are all dressed up...and I am hoping by them feeling good, will make them act this way at church!!!

*** What a beautiful holiday and time of year this is. There is definitely something so special about Christmas. It is magical for the kids. It is a time for families to be together. There is a special chill in the air. I love so much Christmas music playing. The smell of my snowberry scentsy makes me so happy. Baking and holiday treats. There is a spirit in the home of goodness, kindness, and serving others. I am so thankful we recognize this and are able to take some time out of our daily routine to truly reflect on the birth of our Savior. What a beautiful thing. ***

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Oh no...the big Three-Oh!"

I cannot believe I am of age to be in the old lady club!

These wonderful peeps of mine threw me a fabulous surprise birthday party. I have always dreamed of a surprise party, well ok, maybe when I was like a twelve year old. However, waiting 30 years was totally worth it! All of my favorite people came and I was truly surprised!
(Up until we pulled up to pick up the Johnson's for dinner to go to our favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse and she asked me to come in for a bit to wait for their sitter. Still didn't suspect anything until I got out of the car and glanced down the street to see a red volvo knowing there is only one of those that belongs to my friend Kirsten. I was a little tipped off, but for sure didn't expect all my friends to be there!)

We had a great night - Dinner was already waiting. Blimpie sandwiches, salad, chips, soda... and my very favorite dessert on the planet: Kirsten's home-made Brownies with chocolate frosting and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! She also made me my very own pan to take home with me, and I am pretty sure I ate the entire thing!

Lyric put together a fun "name that tune game from the 80's and 90's) It was so fun to hang out with people I love and my husband was awesome to pull this off (of course thanks to miss Brittany!)

I really have to give Brittany a shout out. You are such an amazing friend! You really made this happen and Dave willingly gives you all the credit. I love ya!

I have been told that being in your 30's means that you really seem to know who you are and are able to truly be yourself and it is like so much better than the 20's. I am hoping this is true! I am ready to be a thirty something and can say see ya later 29. Not scared at all!! I have a great life at 30. I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children. Life is good. No complaints from me! None.

Macie's Christmas Dance Recital video!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We went to McCall for a fun little get away with our good friends, the Johnson's!

The kids were so excited to get to stay the night at a hotel!

There was an indoor swimming pool and the kids had a blast!

Macie and her cute friend Aubrie in their matchy-matchy swimming suits!

This crazy man Dalan has no fear - check out his form!

Khloe LOVED to splash in the water - she was so cute!

The next morning we woke up and got in our snow gear and headed to "The Activity Barn!" It was so great - you grab your tube and hook it up to a cable line and it tugs you up the mountain you always wanna sled down, but never wanna climb up!

Our Family!

The kiddos!

The Johnson Family!

Dalan went up and down the mountain so many times - he LOVED every minute of it!

Khloe wasn't so sure about being all bundled up like a big snowball although she was a great sport! No sledding for this little one, but she did a ride in the tube with her dad pulling her around in circles!

What a great weekend filled with lots of fun with great friends!