Friday, July 1, 2011


This is what I have been getting from Khloe lately - it makes me giggle.... does that make me mean?? I just find it so funny that she is upset about - NOTHING!! I know this is just a stage and that it too will pass ... and I honestly don't remember my other two being this emotional! Maybe that means I just forgot, and hopefully this will be shortlived. The terrible two's - bring it!!

*** Life With a 2-Year-Old ... I try to remember that whenever I am feeling frustrated, I think about watching Khloe grow from a baby into an actual person with her own desires, opinions, and a sense of humor. Puppys make her crazy with excitement. She loves the outside. She LOVES to swing and she adores her brother and sister!! I love our nighttime routine as I put her to bed - we say our prayers, tell stories, and every night as I tuck her into bed I am reminded how lucky I am to have her. Even with these "tantrums" - I still manage to laugh at this phase. It too will pass and I know one day I will miss it! ***

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MamaMags said...

She's adorable even throwing a tantrum!