Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Khloe!

Look who turns 1 today! What a BIG girl you are.

Khloe's 1 year stats:

19 lb 3 oz
30 inches long

Still no crawling or walking...just rolling around, but you are as content as can be and that makes mama very happy too!

Here she is in her birthday best.... It makes me giggle because she is so serious!

Macie helping me decorate the birthday cupcakes!

Khloe's very own BIG girl cupcake cake!

She doesn't seem that interested...

But once she discovered the taste of that cake, she was all about it -

And she kept going back for more!

All the cute girlies cheering her on thinking Khloe was so funny!

And in the end, she was ONE happy ONE year old!!

I love this little babers so much. A few things I want to remember about you as a one year old:

- I love how you always krinkle your little nose up when you are getting a little frustrated, or need some attention!
- You love to mimic us. We clap you clap. We laugh you laugh. We clickety clack our do it louder!
- You are turning into a bit of a picky eater (AAGGGHHH) and it is exhausting trying to feed you...not to mention a bit messy!
- Not on the move yet. You don't even seem to care that you could get around if you wanted to. You are happy to watch and observe the chaos around you and I love ya for it!
- You love Macie and Dalan so much and whenever they come around you, you are all giggles and smiles!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We did not go anywhere this summer. We did not even escape the Boise city limits. How lame are we??? I kept thinking we would be heading to St George and then it just kept getting pushed back. Now, there is only 1 week left of Summer and no more time to travel...

We have been outside a lot! Playing at Roaring Springs, swimming, library trips, picnics, park days, and the kids had a lot of fun playing outside with friends. Macie had dance camp, Little Miss Homemakers, and they both went to Hannah Camp a couple of times. It has been so nice to have nowhere to be, no schedule, and time to play with my kids! I have had to let a lot of things go with the house, and there is evidence that we truly did not leave much!

Dave got a tent for Fathers Day so we decided to camp in our backyard. It worked out really great so Khloe could sleep in her own room (we had a monitor plugged in through an extension cord) and we watched a movie with ice cream in the tent and had a little campout. Dave & I didn't get much sleep that night, but the kids had a lot of fun! There was just one little boy who was disappointed that there was no FIRE!

Hopefully next summer, we will adventure out into the woods for a real campout. But for now, this one will have to do!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

Macie all of a sudden had 2 teeth wiggling. I didn't realize she was "of age" to be losing her teeth quite yet. She lost the first one, and then 2 days later the 2nd one fell right out (ok, Dave really yanked it out!) Macie was pretty nervous about this and said to me, "Mom, are my friends going to think I look weird?" It made me giggle, but she knows she is absolutely beautiful! She came in the room after losing that second tooth and said, "HELLLLOOOOO GORGEOUS!"

Wiggling the tooth in the mirror!

It came out! It came out!

Macie's special gift to the tooth fairy, a beautiful pink flower!

"Toothleth Mathie"

And one gorgeous new haircut later....Here is my big girl who is 5 1/2, going to kindergarten in 2 weeks, missing 2 teeth, and she looks so grown up. (sniff, sniff)

I Have to end with this sweet picture of my girlies!! Lately Macie has been totally trying to be "in charge" of Khloe. However, she thinks she is capable of picking Khloe up and carrying her from room to room.... Because of this, Khloe spends a lot of time in her HIGH chair so she is out of harms way. Maybe this is why she is 2 weeks away from turning 1 and still not crawling! For some reason, I am totally ok with this!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Destruct - O - Dal Dal

Look who is the big 4!

He got his very favorite Lucky Charms for breakfast. What a "Lucky" boy!!

For his special day we went to Roaring Springs Water Park for the day!

"Stick To-Gedder"
We got season passes here and the very first time we went, 10 minutes in and Dalan got a water park, where there is water. A mom's worse nightmare. There were 9,000 people there so I just asked the lifeguard to help me find him in the kiddie area. He had wandered off trying to look for me. The lifeguard found him pretty quick, but it really scared both Dalan and Macie. This actually was a really good thing because for the rest of the summer, the two of them totally did just that and were always stuck together!

I'm pretty sure he had a super fun time!

We made a special cake for Dal Dal. The kids really wanted to help. Their part was to lick the batter...yum yum!

Waiting for the birthday cake to be baked!

Dalan's latest love is his bike. I can't keep him off of this thing. Even though he has crashed and burned and scabbed his knees, cheeks, and elbows so many times...he loves this thing! This was the inspiration for his cake.

I couldn't find a bicycle figurine, so we got a motorcycle instead and VOILA!

Dalan's latest obsession is FIRE. This is no bueno, I know. He has learned that you can turn the knob on my stove and the gas flame turns into FIRE. I caught him turning it on the lowest setting, going into the backyard to find his sticks, and then proceeding to bring them into the house to play pretend camping with the "FIRE."

So...when you see how happy he is to have his very own birthday cake, he is even more excited that there are candles on it that have FIRE (which is why there are STICKS in his hand) Where did we get this boy!!??!!

Dalan's mountain of presents!

Bug Vaccuum. All boys love bugs. He had a spider caught in this the second he opened it. What a guy!

Baseball. This is his latest obsession and we have since taught him that a "baseball hitter" is really called a bat. He got this fun baseball hitter thingy that he thinks is pretty great.

Weed Trimmer. (Round 2) He got one of these when he turned 2 and it is currently duct taped together and he will not part ways with it. Thanks Bumma Mags for pulling through on this one! He hasn't stopped playing with it, and it actually makes noise again (THANKS!)

Happy Happy day to this little guy who I cannot believe is 4. You make our crazy lives crazier, happier, funnier, full of adventure, mystery, and everything in between. You bring laughter, joy, and all kinds of fun to our home.

We love you dude-ee!