Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The happenings!

Macie loves Khloe. She is really sweet with her, but doesn't really care to hold her as much as I thought she would. She loves to love on her, but I think she is just so wrapped up in her "stuff" and playing and being a social bug that she doesn't have the time to play with Khloe. She is all about her friends and Khloe can't quite get up and play Barbies and Princesses yet...

Dalan is so funny with her and is always in her face saying, "hey honey girl!" in a high pitched voice! He loves Khlo Khlo. He actually tried to carry her to me on his own. I reacted with panic, and he answered with, "but mom, I'm strong." He also proceeded to tell me, "Mom, you are not the boss. Dad is." Hmmm...we'll just see about that! We had the talk that only a grown up can help you hold the baby and so the other day Dal said, "Mom, is Khloe breakable!?" I said YES...she is!! Hopefully this will keep his strong muscles in check without lifting the baby on his own.

Why is it that when I just try to get one good picture of BOTH kids, one of them is having an off day. I can usually always count on Dal to cheese at the camera, but he was not having it and Macie was feelin' the love. I thought this was a funny picture of Dal pushing his sister away. This is a true representation of how they treat each other. I hate to admit it, but just keepin' it real.

There are days when they are sweet to each other and play really well!!

To try and spread this love and work on how we treat each other, I just created this chore chart. At my parenting class last week, the lesson was on "Responsibility and Work." I loved this and got a little too caught up in the cuteness of the chore chart, but so far this week...the kids have been excited about it. They have wanted to do their chores so they could mark it off the chart and earn their Grantham Gold bars! I will bribe and make a cute chore chart any day if it gets them to pick up toys, make their bed, put dishes away, clothes, etc. I hope this works!!

All is well at our house. We are enjoying the change of seasons and gearing up for the holidays ahead!

Khloe's Blessing

Dave gave Khloe a really great blessing and I am so thankful for this little babe in our home. She is such a sweet baby!!

We had a great support for Khloe's baby blessing. My entire family made the drive up...which is an all day event. It was so fun to have all the cousins together and I am so appreciative and grateful for family! I only wish we were all a little closer.

Her sweet blessing dress is 29 years was the dress I was blessed in as a baby! It is still white, and it was perfect! She looked darling in it, and it was special to share that with her.

All we wanted was ONE perfect picture of Bumma and all the grandkids. Not happening. Although, nothing is better than a candid photo of children!! What you see is what you get!

Uncle Marlin and Aunt Denise! (My dad's brother)

My little brother Rob, his wife Britny, and their super hillarious little boy Brecken!

My sister Amber, her hubby Ron, Briqelle (the sweet beauty) Cali (Macie's BFF) and little Jameson...would you check out his eyes!!!

Macie is only 6 months older than Cali and she towers her by a couple of inches!

Briqelle & Izzy...the dog. The dog that I grew to like. Not love. But like. She is welcome back, for real!

This boy is one handsome dude! I swear he is gonna be a heart breaker one day! Again, just look at those big blues!

Our family with Grandma Great, my dad's mom~

Sweet Khloe!

Bumma Mags!

The cousins... - minus Briqelle, Jama, and Khloe!

What a great weeked this was. We only had one full day to play and hang out, thanks to the 10 hour drive they had waiting on Sunday. Dang. I miss all you guys badly! Come back soon. It is just a skip, hop, and a jump away...or something.