Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Family Pictures!

See this rad my bestie Christina P ( She recently took on photography and has learned how to use photoshop to make us look good! LOVE her for it. We did a photo shoot of our family on our trip to St George for Spring Break! Isn't she great:)

She said it best when she said "we are still as cool as we were in 6th grade!"

Macie & Dalan minus Khloe, who was endulging in 5 oz of formula to make her :)

Macie Moo - SASSY PANTS...

Dal Dal - TROUBLE...

Khlo Worm - SWEET...

Grantham Family Pictures

Rob's Family

Amber's Family

The Originals!

Bumma and Grandkids!

First ever non wedding group family picture!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

It was the day of our 4th annual Grantham Easter Egg Hunt that we host for our neighbors and friends. It is so fun to have everyone over to eat yummy food and all the kids get to play together, and of course search for eggs filled with candy! I love Easter and this has been such a fun tradition!

Macie with her findings! This picture cracks me up. I love that she dressed herself for the party. She thought that her polka-dot jacket would be just the perfect match for her polka-dot tights, and because the tights had lots of colors just like the dress has lots of colors - perfect and proud she stands and in my opinion wins her "best dressed!!!"

Dalan is all smiles - and he was opening the plastic eggs and eating the goodies while he was hunting for them!

Good morning kids! Happy Easter!!!

Dalan found his basket first - in the oven!

Next was Macie - hers was in the dryer!

Happy kids with their Easter bunny treasures!