Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I know Valentine's Day is just a simple holiday really. BUT it does symbolize a feeling that every single person desires. That is to feel love. What a blessing it is to feel such unconditional love for my children who are my everything. They make me smile each day. They are the reason I am who I am and do what I do.

This year Dave really expressed his love to me. It was special to have something so simple, yet so meaningful. He imprinted each child's footprint and they made ME a Valentine's card so I would know of THEIR love. What a perfect equation. I love them. They love me back.

Happiness. The end.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Macie!

Look who turned 5!

Macie's special birthday breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes and eggs too - Yummy!

Lucky girl got to help me bake birthday cupcakes to get ready for her party! She also loves to lick the cake batter!!

Barbie. Macie is at that magical age of 5 where barbie's are totally the thing to play with. She was super excited to get this barbie that can ride a bicycle - and it has encouraged her to want to learn to ride hers with no training wheels.

Art Easel. Oh my my. This is Macie's passion. Coloring. Painting. Drawing. Anything artistic and she love love loves to play school. This was perfect! It has a chalk board on one side, a white erase board on the other, and a huge roll of white paper underneath for painting!

Princess Necklace. Daddy got you this special necklace that is a tiara - for his princess Macie! It was pretty sweet.

It was a perfect age to have a princess party. That is just what we did. Meet princess Macie and your magesty, Queen Mama Lindsay!

Here are our guests who arrived at the Grantham Princess Castle - and prince Dalan!

We played some fun princess games. Pin the crown on the princess castle!

We had a tiara pinata.

It was so funny to see a bunch of little "princess" girls screaming and jumping up and down with their princess clickers (high - heels) Hillarious!

*** Make a wish sweetie - happy 5th birthday to the most beautiful princess there ever was. You fill our home with so much joy. You are such a sweet little girl and are always surrounded by many friends who adore you. I love your imagination. I love that you enjoy books and coloring and you love to play pretend. You are a good example to your brother and sister. Thank you for bringing such a fun and loving personality to our home. ***

And she lived happily ever after!