Monday, August 31, 2009

Khloe's Here!

Here is a little sneak peak....

Isn't she the sweetest little thing. I am so in love!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 more days...

Macie said to me today: "Mom, your tummy is fat like a drum!"
Thanks Mace~
One more week until Khloe Lin makes her debut...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

3 years in the making!

As I reflect back on the last 3 years and try to think about
where the time has gone, I realize that Dalan is now a little boy. I wish he would stay small forever, but also love that he is getting older and learning each day. I love this little boy! He gives us a run for our money and there is NEVER a dull moment when he is around. Here is a preview of his funny little personality that keeps us going and going and going...
This little boy has always had FAST on his mind as he entered this world in a record time of
7 minutes. That's typo there! He was quick to arrive and has never slowed down since. He really was such a dream baby...and then he hit his toddler years and WHEW, woke us all up!

I was just reading my journal entries and when he was 16 months I said, "you went from the baby that never cries, to the toddler that never slows down." You are still NOT Slowing down, but only seem to be gaining speed...

His first obsession began with any janitorial supply. He developed a love for mops, brooms, vaccuum's, and any cleaning supply at a young age! He is still, at age 3, a fan of it all! This could potentially one day be a great quality!

His very own mop!

Mom's broom!

Just trying to help. Look at that smile!

In your short 3 years of life there have been many messes and lots of clean ups! For a good 6 months, there was a "daily event" that I remember thinking...just let me get through the day! Here are a few examples!

Mascara on face

shampoo on carpet

He was determined to get a drink of milk, but as he sat the carton on the counter....major spillage and moppage of the floor a 10 pm. Dang it!

There used to be 3 pots, different we are left with just one.

Playing too rough and knocked over our floor lamp, crash, breakage of glass...(take notice of the 3 pots!)

There once was a fish named Rosie! Our good friends, the Buhrley's, let us adopt this fish when they were moving to California. We took on this pet and decided to love her as our own...until Dalan decided to get the step stool to see what she was doing. He dumped an entire bottle of Bath & Body Works scented oil (coconut lime verbena will never smell the same) and that was the end of her. She kept swimming for a day or two, and then she croaked. Miss that Rosie...

This little boy is always on the go and when we introduced time out to him, it required full on restraints. This was for MY sanity I will fully admit!

Time out in the carseat

It was a bit of a deal breaker when Macie kept bringing Dalan toys to play with while in his own secure time out spot!!

He was potty trained early (age 2 & 3 months) due to the following:

The constant diaper removal both during the day and at night. I have journal entries that talk about checking in on Dal at night and finding him fully undressed, so we began putting his pajamas on backwards. During the day, he just would not keep his diaper on!

So we did this for a while until he could not take off his danged diaper. Thanks duct tape! You changed my life...

He has such a love for water of all kind: swimming, my kitchen sink, and hoses, which of course drip water. He loves spray bottles and squirt guns and sprinklers!

The kitchen sink is like his own indoor playground. He LOVES to climb up to the bar and turn the water faucet off and on and off and on. No matter how many times I tell him to STOP...look at how much fun he thinks it is!

He Loves any hose because it drips H20!

A hose, a hose!!

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You love to bath and shower and couldn't stay out of the water, even though you were already clean and ready for bed!

By far the best purchase ever made was a gift for his 2nd birthday! I finally discovered a toy that would hold his attention. He loves his yard tools! This toy is now duct taped to keep it together *I really love this stuff* and he still plays with it all the time. If he can hear a weed trimmer or a lawnmower from a distance, he will stop and say, "mom, whats that sound!?"

Weed Trimmer



He is all boy and LOVES tractors!

He is not afraid to get his hands dirty!

He loves his scooter and is crazy on this thing...

His Daddy's Jeep...

He is Dave's right hand man!

He loves his sister and she can coax him to play house, and dress up...and he doesn't mind having this pink lipstick on!!

This little boy may be a little "WILD & CRAZY" ...but with a face like this:

How can you resist him!!!!


Things I LOVE about my boy!

- When you say "Ta-Dah!" after your many accomplishments, such as jumping from one couch to the other.

- When you stop dead in your tracks to watch the garbage man dump the big green garbage can into the back of his truck. Then, when the garbage man proceeds to the neighbors, you are still so intensely watching.

- That you would rather play with a screwdriver, pliers, or a wrench, instead of throwing a ball into the hoop.

- That you are obsessed with yard tools. You beg dad to mow the lawn daily and talk about his lawnmower so passionately!

- Watching your personality develop and having you keep me going all day long. No breaks. No T.V. time for you (your choice)...come on buddy, give me just one cartoon, 20 minutes!

- You love to tease your sister. You love to play with her, but sure know how to annoy her at the same time.

- The never ending, keep mom on my toes, adventures in your every day activities. Example: just the other day, I caught you climbing on my plantation shudders. You made it to step 4 before I caught you and you said, "Look mom, a ladder!"

I will ALWAYS be there to catch you when you fall. I never knew I could love someone so much! You keep me laughing and smiling Dalan and I cannot wait to see what new adventures you continue to bring!!