Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

"GIRL'S" rule...

and "BOY'S" drool!!!

Soon, we will be out numbered!

BUT...there is still room for one more!

WHAT!! I was sure we were having a boy. Boston Jay was his name. All my girlfriends up here in Idaho are having girls so I thought I would be the one to throw things off with a boy. From day one I set myself up to think "she" was a "he!" It was no secret that I thought it was a boy and was soooo wrong!

I am realizing that it is a blessing from Heavenly Father that I will be given a girl. Hopefully a mello girl because I know that 2 boys (namely Dalan....) could probably do some major destruction around our house! I will gear up for another sassy pants to join the fam!

I am in conversion mode and currently changing my thought process to pink and lace and girlie....which I am so excited about! Macie is so excited to have a little sister! This just means that we will out number the boys and will always RULE!

Still tossing around names but really loving Khloe Lin! Any suggestions!?