Monday, August 25, 2008

Um....We are campers now!

Meet Dave, the tour guide!

We have been wanting to go on a great vacation this summer and realized that we only really had this last weekend left. I was pushing for Lagoon and a trip to SLC, BUT Dave had another idea... CAMPING!!!

I have to say that I grew up camping, in a trailer of course. We did do the tent thing too when I was little. It was never really my thing. I was the girl in the trailer playing cards or reading a book. I didn't really enjoy fishing, but I do love being outside hiking, and of course smelling like camp fire in order to eat my smores.

This trip, we did it all. BUT, we also had a cabin, which made it sooooo nice! It still qualifies as camping because we slept in sleeping bags and had to use an outhouse. We went to Silver Creek Plunge and it was beautiful. There was a river, which we fished in quite a bit. There was a playground, a hot spring, and lots of dirt and sticks for the kids to play with. We loved it and it was such a good get away for our family. We are official campers and will make this a new tradition that we do every summer. I cannot wait to explore and see all the beauty Idaho has to offer that we have been missing out on. It was sooooo much work to get there, and more work when I got home (like 100 loads of laundry I swear) but we had a great trip!!!

Our humble abode:

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Fishing and fun!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Hi A Kids!"

Papa Craig would have turned 52 years old today. We miss him terribly. I thought it would be a great idea to still celebrate and keep his memory alive. We are having a special dinner. I am making bread, and homemade spaghetti sauce for a nice pasta dinner. Good ol' comfort food, his favorite! We will also be having cake and ice cream. Yum...Yum!!

It is so hard not to be able to call him. I hate that my kids will miss out on sharing their lives with him. He was a wonderful person and died waaaayyyyy too soon. We love you. We miss you. We think and talk about you ALL the time....

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life With a Two Year Old...

My friend Kirsten brought me over an article today called, "Life With a Two Year Old." I soooo appreciated this and the little reminder it served. It was about a mother who talked about the job description of the daily activities of two year olds, the salary ($0.00, and of course went into the benefits. Shortly after I read this, I caught my crazy 2 year this moment! There is nothing sweeter than the laughter of our children, although sometimes...I find myself wondering if this is what I signed up for!? Enjoy a good laugh, it is contagious!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dalan!

Our Birthday Boy!

Where do I even start with this little crazy 2 year old of mine. We were lucky enough to be able to travel to SLC for my niece Briqelle's baptism and it happened to be Dalan's birthday. Perfect. Finally, a family birthday party!! I am happy to report that I found a toy that Dalan will finally play with. He got an assortment of tools for his birthday, with a work bench included (thanks Mama Mags!) He has been carrying around his drill, weed trimmer, and saw all week and I couldn't be happier! We also got him a bike, and he is so way more all about being a little hammer head tool time dude! ps. Thanks to Rob & Brit for the darling jacket and tee shirt...can't wait for it it get cold!!! We will put it to great use you know it!

Here is a collage of some of the birthday festivities.

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We also went to the aquarium that day and the kids had a blast!!

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I cannot forget the special girl and the reason we made this trip to Salt Lake. Dave was lucky enough to baptize Briqelle and she was so sweet and we couldn't be more proud of her!!

One last super cute picture of the cousins and girls who are attached at the hip!


I was about to get rid of the guest room until I was lucky enough to receive a visit from my grandma, my aunt Denise, her daughter Malaree *and the twin 2 year old girlies Kaylee and Madi, who put the terrible 2 stereotype to shame. They are sooooo good!* and my cousin Travis' wife Avalon, who I LOVE!! We had such a good time. We did the paddle boats and fed the ducks, went to this yummy pizza restaurant and stopped at the sweet shop. We also made a trip to Graples to get some home decor and they brought their truck and filled it with goodies! I sure enjoyed their company. It was so fun for my kids and I am so thankful that they took the time to drive up to see my family. We LOVED spending time with all of them!! Too bad they all live so dang far away. I guess I am the one who moved all the way up to the north pole!!